2021 Conference Workshops



 Workshops -- Video on Demand
    Replays through Dec 15th 
 W11 - Robert Schwartz 
   Your Divine Virtues 
 W12 - Anne Pryor / Rise Kasmirski  
   Trusting the Messages for Spiritual Transformation  
 W13 - Norma Edwards  
   Near-Death Experiencers: Reclaiming the Lost Spiritual 
 W14 - Andrea Courey  
   A Deep Dive into the Wisdom of Sound Meditation  
 W21 - Mark Anthony
   An Afternoon of Spiritual Communication
W22 - Kelvin Chin
   NDEs: Opening Us to Past-life Experiences to Enlighten
   Our Present & Future
W23 - Ellen Whealton
   Experiencing the Other Side through Crystal Bowls, Music, 
   Imagery, & Essential Oils  
W24 - David Maginley/Rebecca Valla
   Your Ego is Your Homework: How NDEs Direct Us to Meet
   and Manage Our Ego
 W31 - Eben Alexander/Karen Newell
   Transformation through Spiritual Experience 
 W32 - Sarina Baptista
   The Crystalline Grid: Connecting with Our Past, Present, 
   & Future
 W33 - Nancy Rynes
   Walking in the Light: Enhancing Peace, Love,
   & Connection using NDE Wisdom
 W34 - Donald Lynch
   Energetic Change Agent: Reactivate, Redirect, Recharge 
   Your Energy for Positive Change
 W41 - Kitty Edwards
   The Power of  Rituals in Conscious Living & Conscious
 W42 - Barbara Ireland
   How to Interrupt Worry & Anxiety "Loops" with the
   De-looping Method & Neuroscience
 W43-Katherine Plant/Stephen Weber
   The Place Between Here & There --  A Beautiful Near-Death 
 W44 - Joanne DiMaggio
   Using Soul Writing to Process an NDE

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