2021 IANDS Virtual Conference



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 Registration fee   Video On Demand 
 Full conference - Video on Demand 
     Replays to December 15th
$74 / $99
 Workshops - Video on Demand


    Distinguished Wkshops each  
        Replays to December 15th 
    Regular Workshops each
        Replays to December 15th

About the Conference

Getting started: 

  • If you do not have an IANDS account yet, create an account here. Use the same login name and password as your ISGO account if you have one.
  • Login to your IANDS account (it will save time). If you need to set or reset your password, click Forgot Password? using the email address for your account.
  • If you wish to receive the IANDS member rate, be sure you have an "active" membership: login to your account (see previous step). Check if you have an "active membership"; if not, select Join IANDS or renew my membership from the pull down menu.
  • If you are not an IANDS member, select the Non-member option. Otherwise select the Member option to receive the discount.

Choose which parts of the conference you wish to attend:  See the details of the conference. You can choose to view any combination of the full 3-day Conference VOD and one or more Workshops VOD:

  • Purchase a ticket for the Full Conference (list of speakers, list of panelists). The conference videos will be available for 90 days after the conference (December 15th) so you can see all of the presentations.
  • Purchase tickets for as many Workshops. They are individually priced.
    • The replays will be available for 90 days after the Conference (December 15th)

How to Register

If you have an IANDS account, login at the login prompt. If you have forgotten your password, click on Set password here.



If you do not have an account, set up your account on this page.
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Scroll down, check to Agree to the Waiver statement and press Continue








Fill in the required attendee information and select the Registration Fee. Press Next.








Check and confirm your Event selections. Optionally add a donation for Conference Scholarships and press Complete Registration.






On the next page, enter your payment information: If you select Pay Later, your conference registration will not be complete until we receive your check.





For your Conference ticket, click on REGISTER FOR CONFERENCE.

For one or more Workshop tickets, click on WORKSHOP TICKETS.